Global impact, american design, midwestern values

The Viewer was created by the team at InSciEd Out and local scientists, engineers, parents, entrepreneurs, and students in the midwest who were interested in changing how science is taught in the educational system. The mold for the case was made in Iowa, the injection is done in Minnesota, the assembly right here in Wisconsin, and the App created in Rochester, MN, 


The microscope runs off of battery power; all the parts fit conveniently in the case, and with the integrated feet you can stack them; it is truly portable! 

Both transmitted and reflected light are possible. The mirrors rotate to give varying angles of illumination- good for low contrast specimens! Assembly takes less than a minute; the case is inscribed with outlines for all the parts making closing it up a snap!  With our optional "lunch cooler bag" bringing it to the outdoors protects the microscope from the elements!

Our Lunchbox™ Viewer box is made of injection molded durable plastic,  The design, prototype, molds, and injecting were done in the Midwest by people who care about quality. It has been 9 years in the making, and we are proud of the finished design. Add battery-operated transmitted light, a rotating set of mirrors for continuous adjustment of contrast, imprinted directions on how to close it with all the components neatly stored away, stackable for space management, the list goes on and on!