Q) How to assemble Lunchbox Microscope

A) Follow Instructions sent with Lunchbox. You will see we have made it easy to assemble. 


Q) How to get your first image

 A) Make sure camera is fully charged, this should take about   2 hours. Lithium batteries have a memory so a full charge first   is important. Turn camera on, go to your device, settings,   wifi... password is 12345678. Set the Zoom to about 50, turn   on  either transmitted or reflected light, set a sample. If you are using the App Microcapture, you will also need a Micro-SD card. as the images using that app are not stored on your device.


Q) How the Focusing works.

A) The camera uses a combination of rotating the focus wheel on the microscope and fine tuning with the zoom wheel. It is a bit counter intuitive at first, but you'll get the hang of it. Lowest magnification get you to infinity where you can take a picture with the camera off the microscope at say, a mountain, high zoom gets you fine details on a specimen. Anywhere in between is a combination of lens working distance to the specimen, zoom, and focus!



A) We offer a carrying bag that is really a lunch cooler...fits the microscope, keeps it dry, secure and temperate. Multiple microscope cases, 8 port usb charging hubs, and other accessories will be added... or for a project, you can design specimen holders of your own using a 3d printer!


Q) Are classroom discount packs available?

A) Yes, of course, please ask! We will design a quote for you!


Q) Posting Photos? 

A) It is our intent to have students share Images with others around the Globe, We will set this up soon!