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Introducing the new Lunchbox™ Viewer









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Features Overview



Quality Parts

Our Microscope is made from the finest components we could design into a compact, self contained case. Most of the components are made in Minnesota by people who still care about quality!


Scientific Imaging

Our scientific grade camera, flexible illumination and feature packed App allow users to create scientific quality images!   


Tested in Schools

Since 2009, the idea of an accessible scientific microscope suitable for school use has been in development. This highly iterated current design is from multiple 3D printed prototypes and refined from 240 microscopes placed in schools across America and the World as beta sites and showcased at International Zebrafish Scientific Conferences. Visit InSciEd Out to see the Viewer in the schools!

By Educators for Educators



Teachers and educators from around the world are reinventing science with our microscope!

Yes! We are empowering teachers and students for active learning options in the classroom, at home, and in your community. The VIEWER AND ACTIVITIES provide you with the tools to help empower students to explore their world using scientific thinking and resources.

In Partnership with the InSciEd Out Foundation, this idea has been tested for the last decade in real classrooms!



Our Viewer and educational activity modules are affordable for your classroom or home, from simple to advanced, we have you covered! ....And for every Viewer purchased we give a donation to  the InSciEd Out Foundation which helps promote new modules based on other Sciences!


Encourages Learning without a Textbook

Imagine a student using the Viewer and tablet as a living scientific guide to begin their education. Kids love the enhanced imaging to see their world; kids love their phones and tablets, we put the 2 together!

Yes, we have their attention!


You need this App to run the Microscope!

Our custom app for Android devices and Chromebooks allows for wireless connectivity to the Lunchbox™ Viewer's camera. The app's easy to use Calibration system allows children of all ages to measure and use the viewer with ease. The app will be updated over time with activities for students of all ages to learn about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.    

Our iOS app will be coming soon!!